Industrial Thin Client

STX Technology Industrial PC (IPC) and Industrial Touch Panel PC offer a range of Thin Client options.  HMI solutions with client-server architecture, SCADA control systems, machine level control and control systems monitoring.

STX Technology Industrial Thin Client PCs are engineered tough to meet demanding data requirements, increasingly complex processes, control tasks or automation systems and machines.

STX Technology Industrial PCs are at the heart of a wide range of automation tasks, including control of machines, processes and logistics systems, networking of plant components, data acquisition and image processing. For classic control tasks, PC-based control technology. 

STX Technology Industrial Touch Computers Network boot or PXE boot enables TFTP download of firmware and configuration creating a flexible solution for almost any application, machine or industry.  STX Technology rugged Thin Client computers offer standard RJ45, USB and DB9 or M12 automation standard connector options.